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Do you own a brick-and-mortar comic book store, or collectibles store? Does your business sell licensed toys, collectibles, games, DVDs, books, apparel, and cosplay items? Do you design fan art? Do you make your own large items such as glassware, metal sculptures, mugs, clothing etc? Then you should apply to be a trader.


You can sell anything from licensed merchandise to collectibles, crafted items, fan art and clothing, however, Monopoly Events does not allow the sale of counterfeit items at our events, and we work closely with Trading Standards to prevent such products from being displayed. If any trader is found to be selling such items, they will be asked to leave the event.


Our Trader Table prices differ from event to event, prices for Comic Con North East start at £250 for a single island table for the course of the whole event. We have both island and wall positions, and backer tables are £20 each, please apply by e-mailing or clicking on the button below.



Are you an amateur or professional artist or illustrator? Do you create one-of-a-kind pieces of your own artwork? Items that typically sell in Artist Alley include original artwork and commission pieces, postcards, stickers, bookmarks, and button badges. If this sounds like you, then apply for Artist Alley!


To apply for any of these opportunities please email



Please click the button below to apply for one of our Trader Tables at Comic Con North East, adding "Comic Con North East Trader Application" into the subject line to avoid confusion. Trader applications that have failed to apply in this manner may well be missed when our team replies.

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